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Monthly Newsletter for December, 2012

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Vermont Biochar        December 2012 Newsletter   

At last, we have Vermont Biochar to send to you.  We are packaging our inoculated char in a 2 gallon biodegradable plant “plastic” bag, for $24.50 , Shipping is included in that price.

Our char is an artisan product handmade in a brick kiln, from wood harvested, using worst first logging, with the help of our team of Devon oxen Will and Abe.  Before grinding, the charcoal is inoculated using EM's, effective microbes to provide your soil with new life.

Most commercial biochar  has been produced from pellets or wood chips, logged from clear cuts that remove all biomass from the forest.  This so called  'sustainable' form of land use is not really sustainable.  

If you would like to pick up the bags at our farm in West Danville, Vermont, to eliminate the shipping costs, you may do so by appointment only.  Call 802-274-7826 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our minimum pick-up order is 10 bags or $95.00.

On the farm we are still using biochar through out the winter months.  We practice a bedding pack system with our chickens and our dairy goats, adding fresh hay and straw bedding daily.  Into this pack system we periodically add a layer of biochar.  The biochar in the pack is then further 'charged' up with beneficial nutrients from the animals manure and urine.  

In the main barn we clean the draft animals stalls every day, and with each wheelbarrow load of manure that goes out to the compost pile we add 1-2 gallons of biochar.  Like the pack system, mixing the biochar with the compost 'charges' up the biochar with nutrients and also stabilizes the compost giving it a much longer shelf life once it is put in the gardens or spread in the hay fields.

On Green Fire Farm we practice what is called restorative farming, a system that strives to return the Earth to her primary state of deep fertility.  Fertility is the measure of a  landscape's health and it's ability to convert solar energy into life.  Solar energy then becomes food for our family and our animals. The two winter uses of Vermont Biochar illustrated above are good examples of our biochar's ability to benefit dramatically the health of the landscape.  Often the loop of feed to the animals in the winter and then animal manure to the hay and grain fields in the summer is  in equal balance.  Adding biochar tips this balance into the realm of restoring and building fertility.

Remember biochar lasts in the soil for 2000 years or more!  Your compost will last longer with Vermont Biochar added to it.  Biochar has been recognized as one of the best ways to build the organic matter in soil.      

Even if you don't have animals you can add Vermont Biochar to house plants this winter or just order now to build up your supply for the  spring gardening season.

Please look for the next monthly newsletter coming in January '13.  We are going to continue the sharing of our restorative ideas and farming practices.

Michael Low
Green Fire Farm
December 2012

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