The People Behind Vermont Biochar

Michael Low and Hart Brent are the caretakers of Green Fire Farm and the creators of Vermont Biochar.

Michael has a background in naturalist/wilderness skills and animal-powered forestry.  His main focus is the development of our infrastructure, building timber-framed and traditional buildings on Green Fire Farm.  In addition he trains and works the draft animals on the farm; currently he is working a team of oxen and a single draft horse.

Hart is a practicing traditional naturopath with over 20 years of experience observing what factors correlate with good health.  Her most vibrant clients were born before 1930 – before the wholesale use of chemicals and soil degradation.  Inoculated biochar is her contribution to healthcare reform. She raises Oberhasli-mix goats for milk and raw milk yogurt.  Her main focus is the care and well-being of the plants and animals on Green Fire Farm.

Hart raises Oberhasli-mix goats for milk and raw milk yogurt.

It has been our goal to find a restorative technique that brings lasting fertility and life back to the soils of our land and others.  We searched for a system that works with the resources of our bio-region and does not harm the soils further in its production and use.   The terra preta soils are living soils, up to six feet deep of lush, black humus, that are entirely man-made from a very poor soil base, that have  remained fertile for 2,000 years. We believe the most effective technique for re-creating terra preta today is the application of inoculated biochar, GreenFireChar, to restore the rich living humus to our thin Vermont topsoil.



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