How to Apply GreenFireChar

Biochar becomes a “microbial reef” in soil, to promote and sustain the growth of mycorrhizae and other beneficial microbes.  Biochar enhanced soils will retain fertility for thousands of years.  Biochar has been recognized as one of the best  supplements to build soil organic matter.

Biochar will enhance any soil or growing medium.  There are no hard or fast rules governing its application.  Here are some general guidelines for its use:

  • Add to house plants at an approximate rate of one cup of char per 2 gallons of potting medium.  (one gallon = 16 cups).

  • Add to window boxes using the same rate as above.

  • Side dress perennials, fruit trees, shrubs. An even layer ¼” thick is ideal.  Around 10 lbs of char will cover 100 square feet.  With any outdoor application of biochar, it is ideal to either work the biochar into the soil or cover it with a layer of mulch, compost, or manure.  You don't want to lose any to blowing wind.

  • Add to your farm animals bedding pack as an intermediary or base layer.  For this application we have been experimenting with a base layer between 1/4” and 1/2” thick.   Others are experimenting with many smaller application as they build their pack.

  • Add to your compost pile: any ratio up to an even 1:1 mix.

  • Spread with compost or manure in your fields.  On the farm we have been adding 35 gallons of biochar per cubic yard of composted manure that we spread.

  • Add to veggie gardens in spring, summer or fall.

Each of our 2 gallon bags of biochar contains approximately 32 cups of biochar and weighs around 3.25 lbs.

For lawn or pastures, you would first want to spread our biochar at 1 ton per acre, and then disc or aerate it down into the soil.

Note: chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides will disrupt the effectiveness of our product.  GreenFireChar must only be used in conjunction with other organic products.


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