About our Product: GreenFireChar

The charcoal or biochar that is the base of our product is produced through pyrolysis --  the thermo-chemical decomposition of organic materials by heating in the absence of oxygen.  Our biochar is produced from “waste woods” in a kiln or retort, for example, pulp wood from our own land, slabs from local sawmills, and hardwood tops and pulp wood bought directly from loggers.

We add to granulated charcoal a microbial soil inoculant that is a fermented combination of organic ingredients containing beneficial soil microorganisms. The beneficial microorganisms include a combination of specific bacteria, select fungi and/or mycorrhizae.

Without microbial life a soil is ‘dead’.  We are using a thousands year old Japanese recipe for our inoculant, a proven product for creating a self-perpetuating, living soil system of effective microorganisms.

We will be running field trials, adding clay shards to our inoculated biochar in order to replicate the exact conditions of terra preta. We'll keep you up-to-date about new discoveries, including the clay, or additional products, through our monthly newsletter.  Click here to subscribe.


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