Benefits of Biochar:


Biochar offers the following benefits to your soil and plant health:


  • Both repenishes and retains soil nutrients so crops will be more nutrient-dense.


  • Improves cation exchange capacity for greater mineral delivery to plant roots.


  • Increases microbial populations, including increased reproduction and higher retention of microorganisms.

Biochar increases production


  • Produces healthy tilth and structure (humus), reducing compaction so soil can breathe.


  • Neutralizes and mantains pH of soil.


  • Neutralizes toxins in the soil.


  • Increases the water holding capacity of the soil.


  • Improves germination of seedlings.


  • Improves resistence to infestation by fungus, nematodes, and insects.


  • Provides a rich source of carbon to build hummus/organic matter and increase productvity.


  • Sequesters atmospheric carbon.


From Biochar for Environmental Management  ed. by J. Lehmann & S. Joseph, published by Earthscan, 2009.




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