Our Services

Our expertise in biochar extends beyond making the best biochar available in the U.S..

We also use our biochar extensively on our own farm; cultivating 2 acres of gardens, fruit and nut orchards, berry patches and 20 acres of hay fields and pastures. This farm is part of how we feed ourselves.

This first hand experience gives us the practical knowledge of how to best use biochar to receive the most benefits from your investment.  This extensive use has given us insights into application rates and the 'how to' of incorporating biochar into the diverse array of farm and gardening uses.  We have used biochar in the following ways on our farm:

  • Terraced gardens
  • Permanent raised beds
  • Vegetable, herb, perennial, and ornamental gardens
  • Grain: barley, oats, millet, rice
  • Fodder crops
  • Hay fields
  • Pastures
  • Fruit orchards
  • Nut orchards
  • Blueberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries and Honey berries
  • Seedlings
  • House plants
  • Built into permaculture systems
  • and many other landscaping features

We are now happy to offer our services in the installation of biochar on your property.

We call it an installation because biochar is so long lasting and foundational in its beneficial effects, that it becomes an almost permanent landscape feature. This service is available within 30 miles of our location (put map link) in West Danville, VT.  Outside of this zone? Contact us with your location and we will see what we can do through our network of landscapers or with a landscaper you already use.

What we offer:

  • Site planning and consulting. We have extensive experience in planning permaculture and restorative farm systems based around the use of biochar.  Planning a vegetable or medicinal garden, orchard, or animal feed system?  We have done it successfully in the harsh conditions of our Northeast VT hill farm.

  • Biochar installation. Building resilient systems with deep, fertile foundations.

  • Orchard planting and maintenance. See our nursery and tree page here for more information.

  • Edible forest plantations. See our nursery and tree page here for more information.

Additional services:

  • Draft animal logging, and site preparation. Modern Draft animal power has a restorative impact on the landscape and maintains the ecological integrity of your site from the beginning to the end of your projects.  We have been employing draft animals on our farm and in our forests for the last 10 years.

  • Speaking and presentations about biochar. See our news and events page here for more information.

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