About Green Fire Farm

Our mission is to use truly restorative technologies and practices, such as animal power, so that this farm and business can be sustained into the future with minimal dependence on external inputs such as fossil fuel.  Our hope is that as a community we can move into true 'sustainability' using restorative technologies, renewing the finite resource base that is our planet

Michael Working the Oxen in Winter

At Green Fire Farm we try to grow the healthiest, tastiest fruits, vegetables and meats that are possible, while restoring lasting fertility.

The “green fire” in our farm name (Green Fire Farm) and product GreenFireChar refers to the life force within the soil that with care will reflect in vibrant health for plants, animals and us.  We “cultivate” this fire with restorative farming practices that we hope will inspire others to also feed the Earth's green fire

Our goal is to create inoculated biochar to restore the green fire, the fertility and soil life to the farms and gardens of Vermont and beyond.


Thousands of years ago, Amazonian natives used biochar to transform thin soils into terra preta, the deep, dark, highly fertile earth, rich in the green fire.  Inoculated biochar will do the same for you.

“If you could continually turn a lot of organic material into biochar, you could, over time, reverse the history of the last 200 years . . .  We can, literally start sucking some of the carbon that our predecessors have poured into the atomosphere down through our weeds and stalks and stick it back in the ground.  We can run the movie backwards.  We can unmine some of the coal, undrill some of the oil.  We can take at least pieces of the Earth and – this is something we havent't done for quite a while – leave them Better Than We Found Them.”  Bill McKibben, Vermont author, climate activist and founder of 350.org




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