Biochar 2019 Prices and Ordering

How much to order:

Here are two ways to help you think about how much biochar to buy:

1. Altering your soils

This is when you are trying to change the basic nature of your soil dramatically, or when you are making soils from scratch. You will need higher volumes of biochar in these cases.

2. Amending your soils

This is when you are adding fertility either per crop or per season to an existing garden or planting. Also if you are trying to inoculate healthy soil microorganisms back into your garden. In these cases you need less biochar.


Here are the charts for application rates:

Are you... Square feet Minimalist Middle of the Road Enthusiast
Altering 100 5 bags 7 bags 9 bags
1,000 2 cubic yd 2.5 cubic yd 4 cubic yd
Amending 100 1 bag 2 bags 3 bags
1,000 1/2 cubic yd 1 cubic yard 1.5 cubic yard

Spring 2019 Pricing:

2 Gallon Bags: $15 - $30.00 w/ shipping flat rate
4 Gallon Bags: $48 w/ shipping flat rate

8 gallon bags

  • 1-5 bags: $40 ea
  • 6-12 bags: $37.50 ea

50 gallon tote: $220

1 cubic yard tote: $825 cubic yard

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for orders or to arrange on farm pickup