Why Inoculated Biochar is a Restorative Soil Amendment

Loss of essential nutrients is one of the most serious issues facing modern farming.  Every living organism suffers the effects.  It all begins with decreased health of the land where necessary minerals or vitamins are not obtainable.


If soil is low in nutrients – so are the plants that grow in it and therefore the animals and humans as well.

“Our soils were like a dead car battery, and the alternator was broken as well.  What the minerals, lime, and composted manure achieved was akin to hooking up a battery charger without repairing the alternator.  So inevitably the battery goes dead again. Our soils remained marginally fertile.  Inoculated biochar will keep that soil battery charged without our adding further amendments other than the ongoing by-products of animal husbandry, compost and manure.”  Michael Low, co-founder of Vermont Biochar


With inoculated biochar you are providing your soil with both the humus structure as well as the microbial life to inhabit that structure.  Once you have added biochar, you will get additional benefits from any future soil additions such as minerals, manure or compost because the charcoal will absorb and hold these amendments in place around the plants' roots.


Compost that is rich in micorbes is the closest comparison to biochar, yet will not offer the enduring benefit of GreenFireChar. Compost often degrades within a couple of growing seasons, and manure within one season.  As documented in the Amazon, biochar can hold its fertility for 40 years or more under intense cultivation after being left fallow for millenia.

“[Researchers] have shown that the productivity of some of these black soils in the West Amazon region has been sustained over 40 years of continuous cultivation even without fertilization.”   Dr. Paul Hepperly, research director, Rodale Institute


Fertility and farming are analogous with success.  Any farming enterprise has a success rate that is scaled directly to its fertility.  Inoculated biochar can reactivate living soils so that inputs of organic matter and minerals can be used more readily by the plants and therefore by the animals.


It is not uncommon for farmers to make a sizable investment in minerals or lime and see little return for their dollar over a number of years.  Farmers and gardeners need fertility-increasing amendments that really work and are long-lasting.

“The chemicals have destroyed many of the beneficial organisms needed to produce humus, while at the same time have mined the humus from the soil.  Today many of our once fertile agricultural soils have become nothing more than a growing medium.  In many cases, farmers are using more and more chemicals, while producing less, at a higher cost of production.
To restore our once fertile soil back to where it was, we must accomplish two things.  First, we must restore humus back into our soil, and secondly, we must restore the natural biological balance to our soil.”
From:  Humus, the Miracle of the Soil on www.kozgro.com


GreenFireChar can create living soils with healthy microbes and abundant humus to ensure farmers the growth they need.


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