Why Inoculate Biochar?

The inoculant in our product stimulates the growth of microorganisms in the soil and their job is to transfer nutrients into a form the plants can uptake.  The charcoal in our product creates a stable environment for the microbes and a porous structure for greater infiltration of water, oxygen, and minerals.

Animal manures are no longer as effective as they were in the past to introduce, or     inoculate microbial life into the soil.  The microbes in manure have been disrupted by:  “the wholesale use of antibiotics, growth hormones, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, genetically engineered Franken-feeds, salt fertilizers, and no-till.”  Dr. Arden Andersen, soil scientist/physician. Not only have the microbial populations in manures been disrupted, but also in the soil as well, where essentially one or more links in the chain of a living soil have been broken.  A living soil is one that should be teeming with microbial life.

Introducing these microbes into the root zone, i.e.  inoculating, helps to create an ideal environment for optimizing plant growth.  Simply put -- beneficial soil microorganisms are directly or indirectly involved in every transformation, conversion, or processing of nutrients, storing of nutrients (reduced leaching) and provide a protective barrier around roots to ensure a healthy environment for plant growth.

“The soil is virtually a living organism.  It is not just a bunch of mineral particles with bugs walking through them.  It is a mass of organic, living material in an inorganic matrix.  It is dynamic.  It is full of life.  And it does not produce anything (healthy and vital) for human beings unless it is sustained in that living condition.”  EO Wilson,  Harvard U. author and environmental activist


Our inoculant-biochar combo offers 4 advantages to your plants which will translate into improved nutrition for you and your animals:

  1. Increased nutrient uptake showing as vigorous growth
  2. Disease resistance
  3. Improved taste
  4. Longer storage life and less bruising

All of the above will be reflected in a high number on a Brix meter test of the sugars and minerals dissolved in the plant fluids.  (See links for more info on Brix testing).

With GreenFireChar, not only are you getting a long-lasting nutrient sponge that builds humus, but also the effective microbes to deliver those nutrients to the plants.

“The plant always eats at the second sitting, the plant only gets what the microbes give it.  Feed the soil, not the plants!” – Professor William Albrecht , “Father of Soil Fertility Research”

living soils = vibrant plants = vital you



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